Tuesday, March 08, 2005

you can't listen to the news

lately, I find myself turning off the news more often than not...radio and tv seem obsessed with stories that are so reprehensible, so disturbing, that I find myself unable to listen...moreover, I have an adolescent child, and often in the car the news comes on the radio and with no warning at all we are hearing in detail about the rape, torture and murder of juvenile children by some deranged sicko...I don't want to listen to that report, and I really don't want my son hearing that story...yet, we hear these reports over and over again, leading every newscast with every unseemly detail imaginable...michael jackson, scott peterson, muslim decapitators, teachers having sex with students, the list just goes on and on and on

I'm not asking for a ban on reporting disgusting stories...but can't we cut back on throwing them in the public's face at the top of every newscast?...can't there be some restraint in assaulting us with the horrible details?...can't there be a warning that this "item" may not be suitable for children?...can't we report on rapists and murderers from the point of view that these are god awful crimes committed by sick whacko inidividuals, rather than report from an "objective" standpoint?

I used to just turn off the commercials


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