Thursday, February 03, 2005

the terrorists time in Iraq may be short

with the historic Iraqi election, the people of Iraq have shown the whacko muslim terrorists that Iraq will not be intimidated, and will not be dominated by whacko muslim mullahs...this will likely be the pinnacle of success for America's war in Iraq - the creation of a democratic republic in the middle east...the whacko muslim terrorists continue their murdering, but now it is clear to all Iraqis and to the whole world, that Iraq does not support the whackos, that Iraq yearns to be free

with this spreading knowledge of freedom, the dispersion of recognizing the terrorists and their leaders and teachers as the whackos that they truly are, the time of the terrorists is short...young muslims are less likely to be conned into the whacko mindset of the terrorists...the shining example of freedom and truth is perhaps the quickest path to victory over the whacko muslims

the terrorists are desperate...they see their control slipping...hopefully, their era is soon over for good


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