Sunday, October 17, 2004

what edwards and kerry were really saying

the real issue in edwards and kerry both bringing up Mary Cheney's sexual orientation is why they brought it up...there is no question that their bringing Mary up was totally intentional and know it was debated at the highest levels in their campaign

they obviously brought it up because they believe it would help them win could this help them win votes?...only by being perceived as a negative by some voters (presumably some on the far Christian right)

so let's be clear about what the kerry/edwards campaign is really saying - it is something like this: "don't vote for Bush/Cheney because they have a lesbian daughter on their ticket."...and that is reprehensible...what is even more reprehensible is gay rights supporters saying there is nothing wrong with kerry/edwards bringing this up when it is painfully obvious why they are bringing it up and what they are really saying


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