Thursday, September 16, 2004

A solution to world terrorism...a start anyway

as a start to solving the muslim terrorist problem let me suggest that after each and every suicide bombing or other atrocity committed by a muslim terrorist, a group of muslim leaders who denounce terrorism (there are some aren't there?) hold a press conference where they clearly proclaim:

"let us make it very clear to all muslims and to the rest of the world...the young muslim who did this is NOT going to heaven, is NOT getting any rewards from allah, etc., etc....this young muslim is GOING TO HELL as are all young muslims who commit such heinous crimes"

are there any muslim leaders who are willing to proclaim their religion does not reward suicide bombers but that allah will send them to hell?....if not, what do they believe is the eternal outcome for these suicide bombers?

let me repeat that question: what do muslim leaders believe is the eternal outcome for these suicide bombers?

this is a piercing question which when specifically answered will enlighten all muslims and the rest of the world that is looking at islam and wondering what the hell is going on with this religion...and it just might get a discussion going within islam that will help convince their young men that suicide bombing does not have the rewards their whacko leaders have been telling them


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