Saturday, September 25, 2004

kobe, tyson, et. al.

kobe and tyson...a couple very hi-profile "rape" cases...both of them really break down to a he-said what point does a consensual encounter turn into rape?...can the woman change her mind in the middle of the sex act, say "no", and then claim rape because the man stopped in 2 seconds and she thought he should have stopped immediately?

don't get me means no...rape is a horrible crime of violence and I want any man who rapes a woman to spend a long time in jail, if not the rest of his life

but these cases where a woman goes along with everything, then either after the fact, or well into the act, she seemingly changes her mind...that's rape?...that's something that should send a man to prison?...I don't think so

what kills me about the tyson conviction is the woman's statement to the press: "I wouldn't have pressed charges if he would have apologized" that the mind set of a rape victim?...tyson must have had some of the worst legal council in way he should have gone to prison on that you can say that his actions after prison show what a bad guy he is, etc., etc....but I'll tell you that if he had not gone to prison, there is a reasonable chance that mike would have turned out to be no where near the psycho that he is now...he may have even been a pretty good, fairly long-lived boxing champion

kobe got off with a good legal team...what do you think kobe would look like several years down the road if he spent a few years in prison on a bum rape charge?...hard to say, but his life could have taken a tyson type turn as well


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