Wednesday, September 29, 2004

click here to accept terms

there are a number of things in our daily lives that are useless and monotonous...the other day I went to to see how the pros were doing in their tournament and I had to click a box to say I accept their terms to look at the current standings...I didn't read the terms - I just said "OK"...why in the hell should I need to okay any agreement to see the leaderboard?...let me answer my own question: lawyers...I am sure some legal beagle at is convinced that if I get incorrect or untimely information from their website, I will sue their ass for some inane reason...crazy world made crazier by john edwards like trial lawyers chasing ambulances or any stockholder who has lost a dollar or any other idiot who they can convince someone has done them wrong

but all these "accept our terms" click boxes, that if you don't accept you can't get the data you want, are just has company internet email has many websites have them that you would think someone ought to realize that no one reads the terms, they just check another box as a requirement to get to the they really think checking a box is going to swing a legal case their way?

why doesn't bill gates add an option to passport that says something like: "I accept that anything and everything I see on the internet will ruin my life, make me bankrupt, give me cancer, and kill me - GIVE ME THE GODDAM DATA!"

oh yeah, check this box to accept my terms before you comment on this rant


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