Thursday, January 27, 2005

gays and gay rights and other gay stuff

I am not a gay basher, and I denounce anyone who is a gay basher...from the same standpoint, I am not a gay rights activist and I don't support those in that camp as well...the main issue being pushed by gay rights activists is acceptance - they want to be accepted by society as normal...well I'm sorry, but being gay is not normal

consider evolution...if being gay was a normal circumstance of human genetic composition, it would quickly disappear due to evolutionary development - gays can't reproduce...therefore, it is rather obvious that being gay is caused by something other than a normal condition...yes, some people are just born that way, but it is not normal...some people choose to be gay...some people have traumatic experiences that cause them to become gay...but we have to be ok with the reality that being gay is not normal

the real problem I have with the gay rights push to demand acceptance as normal is our children, and the effect on them...going through adolescence and puberty is confusing enough without someone telling them that they ought to consider if they are gay...if a boy is shy around girls, or a girl feels like she would prefer not playing with dolls, you don't help them by confusing them with another choice for their sexuality

it is ok to be gay, just don't think it's normal, because it is not...if you are gay because that's your choice, or that's what you believe you are, or that's just the way it is, fine - just don't try tell us it's normal

this is one thing clinton got right...society and the military should address the whole gay issue with the "don't ask, don't tell" policy...what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes and bedrooms is their business...just don't throw it in our face or try force it down our throat and demand we call it normal


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I couldn't agree more. Right on Brother!

Gay Is Not Normal and a completely awesome campaign has started in the United States, stating: Gay Is Not Normal at

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