Friday, October 29, 2004

polling totally discredited

how can anyone have any confidence in the "science" of polling anymore?...there are published polls from the same area and the same time frame that vary by 10%!!!...look at the PA poll at have the "surveyUSA poll from 10/23-10/25" showing kerry up 8% and the "quinnipiac poll from 10/22-10/26" showing Bush up by 2%!!! is IMPOSSIBLE for both of these polls to be accurate!...but there they are...look through the data and you will see numerous other examples of the same problem

either polling is WAY OFF in their estimates of "margin of error", or partisan political hacks have totally taken over the science of polling...either way, polls have now proven they have gone the way of snake oil, professional wrestling, and all other junk might as well listen to a group of kindergarteners to get just as accurate an estimate of the voter's leanings


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