Monday, November 22, 2004

open letter to kevin sites

to kevin sites:

I'm not sure I agree that up until now you have played it straight down the middle...for instance, you were not very honest in your election oriented blog...the vast majority of soldiers supported President Bush, but you seemed to imply it was pretty much 50/50...but perhaps we can't expect unbiased facts from anyone who has spent a career in the media, can we?

and no, kevin, you're not playing it down the middle show extreme bias against the young marine who shot the TERRORIST(yes TERRORIST, NOT "insurgent") who was playing use phrases like:

"it appeared to me very plainly that something was not right" (that's a nice unbiased assessment, giving a big clue to your leanings)

"There don't appear to be any weapons anywhere" (like if the TERRORISTS are lying in wait they are going to be brandishing their weapons????)

"There are no sudden movements, no reaching or lunging" (so might the TERRORIST be SLOWLY readying his weapon?)

"I can't know what was in the mind of the marine, He is the only one who does" (but most of us can imagine the Marine was concerned the TERRORIST was playing possum and was going to shoot some infidel, maybe even you, kevin)

so, kevin, you seem to be showing your true colors as an anti-war-on-terrorism type guy...maybe you fancy yourself to be the next walter cronkite by trying to turn the war against TERRORISTS into another viet nam...this war is not viet nam, kevin...we are engaging the TERRORISTS on their turf, and not the U.S., and Americans are very much in support of that fact


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