Wednesday, November 03, 2004

WHY the country is so DIVIDED

there is obviously a 50/50 split on general politics in America...but the DIVIDE is wide, it is bitter, and it is nasty...both sides readily demonize the other...either side is willing to say anything to win an election...politics has always been a dirty business, but in spite of that, and in spite of the number of talking heads telling you it is no worse than it has been in the past, the DIVIDE is clearly much worse than it has been

there is one reason for this DIVIDE, and it is the algore/lieberman campaign of desperation to steal the election of 2000...the prolonged, dogged, determined to "win at any cost" attempts...the backdoor, smoke-filled room, blatantly political and legal battles...the result was to continually inflame both sides in an upward spiral of animosity...the culmination of which brought us to where we are today

you can't blame algore for going to extraordinary lengths to achieve the presidency...but at some point, any guy with room temperature IQ would have to realize that although the democrats had the FL supreme court in their hip pocket, the Republicans had the same advantage with the US Supreme Court, a much bigger stick

the democrats and the algore/lieberman campaign and their over-the-top antics and delays are the cause of the current acrimony, the DIVIDE...algore could have stopped it long before it reached its current level

algore should have realized, there is a final "controlling legal authority"


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