Friday, February 25, 2005

filibuster filibreaker?

is this the face (or finger?) of a man who can shut down the senate?

harry reid (d-nev) has promised to shut down the senior house if those wascally Wepublicans take away his filibuster banana tactic of delaying right of left federal judges

a question posted by Hugh Hewitt (see linx) is would the Republicans be like:

McClellan, unable to mount an offense, or like:

Grant, strong and decisive and go on the attack?

senate Republicans have shown time and again a lack of appetite for action...there are some things I like a lot about that position, primarily that I have a strong belief that the government that does the least, hurts us the least...there are very few examples of government meddling that actually improve our lives...however, there is a difference between inaction and being scared, and I observe the Republicans more often than not display a yellow belly

here's a thought - rather than being primarily concerned about getting judges in place to handle the backlog of court cases, why don't Republicans address the source of the backlog problem and ENACT TORT REFORM!?!?!...for those thinking this is anything but a rhetorical question, I remind you that congress is like 99% lawyers, and guess whose bottom line interest wins out in that moral quandary?

no, the senate leaders will shy away from modifying the filibuster rule, and will ironically leave the decision in the hands of the judges who are a piece stuck in the middle of this puzzle...senators fancy themselves, above all, to be gentlemen, and although the boundaries are often sniffed at, the mask of civility will be the final rule


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