Thursday, March 03, 2005

progress continues in Iraq

can you believe seeing thousands of muslims in the streets protesting AGAINST islamic terrorism????

this is a photo that seems to be disappearing from view...hopefully the Baltimore Sun will keep it available...the accompanying article by Qasim Abdul-Zahra seems to be vanishing as well, but the piece makes it clear that these Iraqis are chanting "NO TO TERRORISM" the day after the horrific whacko islamic suicide car bombing (28 Feb 05) killed 125 Iraqi police recruits...the article also observes: "...braving the threat of another attack as they waved fists, condemned foreign fighters and chanted..."

this is a scene for the ages...who would have predicted this show of force among Iraqi citizens a year, or even just a few months ago?...let the MSM ignore the fact and try bury the article, but the Iraqi people are speaking bravely and without fear...freedom is starting to take hold in the heart of the middle east, and it is spreading

just like W said


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