Friday, July 08, 2005

how do we ultimately win the war on terror?

so now it's London...a friend of mine wondered allowed if the Brits would go the way of the spanish and capitulate to the terrorists - "if you are going to murder us then we will pull out of Iraq, senior whacko muslim" (yeah, that's the right message to send to osama bin laden) seems the resolve of the English is still intact...just read the statement from London Mayor, Ken Livingstone

the war on terrorism can seem a bit confounding...many say that for every terrorist we kill, two more whacko muslims get created...with saudi arabia and other countries training children to hate America, isn't there a never ending stream of terrorists in the pipe?...there is some merit to this argument...what is needed is some sort of fundamental change in islam

Michael Savage gave an excellent suggestion on his radio show - islam needs a revolt from islamic women...whacko muslims treat their women worse than their cattle...imagine if muslim women everywhere decided they just weren't going to take this treatment anymore...imagine if muslim women became like American women...whacko islam would not survive

then there is also the economic front...many whacko muslims live in poverty, with no hope of personal why not strap a bomb to yourself?...bringing free market economies to these areas could help turn the tide for some

and isn't there some way we can influence the saudi's and others to stop brainwashing their children? stop teaching them to hate America?

but tracking down and killing the terrorists, especially their leaders, has got to be part of the equation...and we are doing that...and in large part it is working...there are only so many leaders...there are only so many who can lead...the whacko strapping a bomb on and murdering a bunch of innocent infidels can't lead...their leaders are smarter than that...get osama...get the guy that replaces osama...get the guy that replaces him...they run out of capable guys pretty soon I think

now, about those whacko muslims down the street burning an American flag...


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