Tuesday, June 14, 2005

king of pop - no other conclusion possible

of course the jury had to find michael jackson not guilty of this particular crime...there was no other logical conclusion in this trial

has jackson molested kids in the past?...probably...will he continue molesting kids in the future?...sadly, probably...but "did he molest this kid?" is the only question in this trial

and when you look at the kid that is accusing jackson...when you look at the mother that is accusing jackson

when you look at their family record of trying to weasel money out of anyone and everyone in any way they possibly could...how can any person with an ounce of sense conclude anything other than:

there is at least enough reasonable doubt about the people accusing michael jackson in this trial, of this specific set of facts, to allow one to conclude they are not telling the truth...there is infinitely more than enough reasonable doubt to conclude jackson's accusers are lying

case closed

what is more troubling to me is michael jackson has three kids


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