Monday, October 03, 2005

voting rights

as election season again approaches I am always struck by the ongoing efforts to take more and more dollars away from working Americans...initiatives and referendums across the land cry out for additional confiscation of our money...I like to look at who lines up supporting all these tax increases...more often than not it's those who benefit financially

the problem with this scenario is there are a lot of people who are not putting any money in the pot, who are voting to force me to put more money in the pot for them! probably can't blame someone for voting to get more of my money...the question is why should they have a vote on my bank account?

we are a society of tax payers and tax receivers...we all receive benefits from tax dollars to some degree (roads, national defense, public education, etc.)...but more and more we are confronted with issues where benefactors of tax increases that pay none of the tax dollars have an equal vote with those of us who DO PAY and often will receive little or no benefit from the specific tax increase in question

it's the scenario of Atlas Shrugged where the over burdened tax payers finally revolt...are we to let America become a nation where a majority of tax receivers control a minority of tax payers?...isn't it time to examine who gets a vote on your money?...isn't there some way to assure those of us who pay the taxes that we aren't being increasingly robbed by those who pay no tax?

I've already written about a fair tax system ...we need to examine the voting system as well


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