Sunday, January 09, 2011

mexico vacation? - CRAZY!!!

now, WHY would you want to vacation in mexico?

Jan 8 2011 02:04 PM US/Eastern --
14 decapitated bodies found in Mexico resort city

In 2008, a group of 12 decapitated bodies were piled outside the Yucatan state capital of Merida. The same year, nine headless men were discovered in the Guerrero state capital of Chilpancingo.

Mexico Drug War
Investigators stand at a crime scene where two men were shot in Tijuana, Mexico, late Thursday Jan. 6, 2011.

Sep 30 2010 3:49 PM --
Sheriff: US man on jet ski shot in Mexican waters

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 12, 2010
Investigator in Missing Jet Skier Case Beheaded
Commander Investigating Disappearance of David Hartley, American Thought to Have Been Killed by Pirates

did we really need to see all these reports to realize there is no law and order in mexico?

time for a siesta on mexican vacations



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