Thursday, November 06, 2008

no options

it's quite strange to me that I feel indifferent about b. hussein obama becoming our next president...I voted for McCain...I wanted McCain over obama...but I really didn't want McCain either

conservatives really didn't get a choice in this election

the Republican primaries were set up with states up front that allowed independent and cross-over voting...those are the people that gave it to McCain...the numbers showed conservatives rejected McCain over and over, but the independent/cross-overs loved's evident that those independent/cross-over voters went for obama in large the Republican nominating process was sabotaged from the start

not that we really had any good conservatives to choose from anyway

who is going to take the mantle and lead a conservative movement? bet is the best chance will come from the crop of Republican governors...senators and congressmen are just too jaded from their D.C. service...something weird happens to even good people when they get swallowed up in the D.C. morass...what popular opinion wants to call "experience" turns you into a McCain, a McConnell, or want to "compromise" and "get along" and get invited to the parties, and most importantly, get re-elected so you can continue to ride the gravy train

I hope someone steps up soon, cause the campaign for 2012 started yesterday


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