Monday, September 10, 2007

a great failure

how is it that the greatest nation on earth, the most powerful nation ever in the history of the world, cannot take out one man?

this really does not make any sense, does it? can it???

I suspect the blame lies in our inordinate fear of offending someone...we are terrified of offending islam...we are scared to death of offending the french or other idiot ostriches with their heads in the sand on the whacko muslim issue...we are even afraid of offending the left in America

call a spade a spade...we know, we have known, or we will soon again know, the general area where this whacko muslim leader is hiding...wipe him out with no mercy...carpet bomb the area...stategic nukes if we need hell with collateral casualities...if you're in the same area as bin laden and you didn't kill him, you had it coming

come on, is time to write the final chapter of this whacko muslim leader


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