Friday, August 31, 2007

Mitt is Right

please forgive the double entendre, but Mitt continues to be correct about so many things lately, I don't see another conservative candidate that's in the same league with him at this point

most recently, in dissing and dismissing the creepy Senator Craig from his campaign, Mitt said: "It reminds us that people who are elected to public office continue to disappoint. And they somehow think that if they vote the right way on issues of significance or they can speak a good game that we'll just forgive and forget." about hitting the proverbial nail on the head!!!

and here's Mitt on taxes and government spending: "I want to make it very clear that I'm not going to raise taxes. As governor of Massachusetts, I made it very clear there, and I did not raise taxes. We faced a huge budget gap, but I recognize that raising taxes could lead to a slowdown in our economy, so we didn't do it. We balanced our budget, and that's exactly what I'll do with the federal government."

sounds like Ronaldus Maximus!

and Mitt on illegal aliens: "Let me make it real clear--I'm not anti-immigrant. I love immigrants. I love legal immigrants coming to our country. I'm happy to communicate to them, and I hope they vote for me...I very firmly believe that we have to make sure that we enforce our borders, that we have an employment verification system, and that those people who have come here illegally do not get an advantage to become permanent residents, they do not get a special pathway."

on the war against whacko muslims: "It is critical for us to remember that Iraq has to be considered in the context of what's happening in the Middle East and throughout the world. There is a global jihadist effort. Violent, radical jihadists want to replace all the governments of the moderate Islamic states, replace them with a caliphate. And to do that, they also want to bring down the West, in particular us. They've come together as Shi'a & Sunni & Hezbollah & Hamas & the Muslim Brotherhood & al Qaeda with that intent. We have to recognize that what we're doing in Iraq has enormous impact on what's going to happen in this global struggle. And so it's critical for us to provide the stability to allow a central government to survive and thrive."

and you want to talk about American family values?

show me a candidate within a whisper of Romney on that one

so Mitt seems to be the man at this point

but, he is a Mormon...and what the heck is "Mitt" short for, anyway?


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