Monday, May 01, 2006

iraq - they are all crazy, aren't they?

sunnis, shiites, bathists...who cares?...they have all proven themselves to be whackos of a different stripe...I am at the point where I suggest we just pull out for 6 months, let all the whacko muslims kill each other, go back in after the 6 months and wipe out whatever whacko is in power, see if there isn't someone willing to take over who doesn't want "death for America" and then put them in power...if we can't find anyone, just repeat the process until it does work

having the koran as the law of the land does not work...we haven't spent 2,000+ American lives to let iraq go down the muslim shit hole...I'm sorry...I'm mad...I'm just another American whose patience is gone with this situation

here's a friendly shiite neighbor...this is the group we want in power?...can we be safe with ANY muslim in power?


Blogger Ron George said...

I'm not too surprised to note the common ignorance of the situation in the middle east. Most of the likes of you say "Who cares"

I find it deeply saddening that the media in the US deeply distorts the real facts behind the wars. Vital questions such as why the war was fought in the first place, why so many civilian casualties have appeared on the tables etc are still disputed. But back in the Middle East I'm sure they know whats going on.

I'd suggest you educate yourself about these issues from ruputed sources of information, and understand how the U.S is reponsible for its ills in the middle east. I asked myself 'why do the arabs hate us' and in my quest to understand that, many things have startled me that our corportate news sources dont tell us.

Just a little thought there.

Oh btw, I'm from Buffalo too. Nice to talk to you.

3:10 AM  
Blogger yesman said...

you know, Ron, I think I'm pretty well informed on the whole middle east situation

the "arabs" don't hate us..the whacko muslims hate us

and no, the whacko muslims do NOT "know what is going on"

the U.S. is not the "great satan"

while I appreciate your response, your condescending tone and misinformation show you to be misguided at best

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my frens,how can u make fun of the koran,my frens u know nothing bout koran nd wat is written in it,and u dont know anythng abut a muslim people,coz you are not a muslim,so dont make fun of us.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who the hell r u to make such statments about the Muslims???...wel?? i didnt think so too. and another thing if u had any fucken brain cells u would know better than believe the "american" media and the ways which they portrayed the Muslims. of course the american want to portrayed the imagies that Muslims as evils and bad to justify their action for going to war to iraq at the first place. and if i remember correctly it was the 'americans' that went to war. NOT THE MUSLIMS, they did not ask for war. and the koran says nothing about war except harmony.

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are an ignorant pig and you don't know shit about politics, go fuck your sister you inbred cunt

5:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

***K your mom

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck all these bullshit wars.

And fuck the Koran. Muslims claim that Islam is a religion of peace. How is Islam a religion of peace if the word Islam is Arabic for "surrender?" Surrendering to the will of Allah is to become Allah's slave. Do Muslims like being slaves? If so, why? You don't like being free? You don't like self empowerment? Do you like to be submissive and stick and shake your ass way up high in the sky to allow Allah to get a lightning bolt of a boner to fuck you up the ass? Is the Muslim heaven a prison where Muslims/slaves of Allah are always dropping the soap and taking it up the bum bum from their angel prison guards and Allah the legal gang leader? Are Muslims saying that Allah is bisexual? lol Well, of course there is nothing wrong with bisexuality or homosexuality, but your Allah is still a piece of shit due to the horrible things he says in the Koran.

"2.77": Do they not know that Allah knows what they keep secret and what they make known?

So, whoever Allah is talking to in this verse, is he a pervert? Does he watch them take shits? Does he watch them have sex? Does he watch them when they masturbate? Does he watch them when they are all alone having sex with a camel or a donkey?

"2.81": Yeal whoever earns evil and his sins beset him on every side, these are the inmates of the fire; in it they shall abide.

So, there are people who are put into a prison of fire? Then it's safe to say that Allah is an asshole.

"2.87": And most certainly We gave Musa the Book and We sent apostles after him one after another; and We gave Isa, the son of Marium, clear arguments and strengthened him with the holy spirit, What! whenever then an apostle came to you with that which your souls did not desire, you were insolent so you called some liars and some you slew.

So, Allah just sits by overseeing violence and allows it to happen? Wow! This Allah is guilty by association of violence.

"2.88": And they say: Our hearts are covered. Nay, Allah has cursed them on account of their unbelief; so little it is that they believe.

So, Allah discriminates against unbelievers and treats them unfairly and unjustly by cursing them? Hmmm. Is Allah's ego so big that not believing in him makes him angry? Oh, is Allah petty? Is he going to cry and throw a temper tantrum because he is not getting his way?

"2.90": Evil is that for which they have sold their souls -- that they should deny what Allah has revealed, out of envy that Allah should send down of His grace on whomsoever of His servants He pleases; so they have made themselves deserving of wrath upon wrath, and there is a disgraceful punishment for the unbelievers.

So, here we have Allah being a terrorist because he is spreading terror and fear by making threats of "wrath upon wrath." Also, once again Allah's ego gets hurt because people don't believe in him. Allah stirs up more terror and fear by saying that the unbelievers will receive a "disgraceful punishment."

Islam sucks because slavery sucks, and Allah sucks as well. Allah is such a loser.

Oh, and probably the most important thing that I am going to say here is that Islam is mythology and superstition, along with every other religion, including the other Abrahamic religions of Christianity and Judaism, as well as the likes of Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Shinto, Babylonian mythology, Ugaritic Canaanite mythology, Egyptian mythology, Aksumite mythology, Greek mythology, Roman mythology, Norse mythology, Inca mythology, Maya mythology, Aztec mythology, etc.

That's all what religion is, just a polite or kind word for mythology and superstition.

Lastly, if you Muslims want to call me a racist, well guess what? It's not possible to be racist towards a belief. Or are you too ignorant or dishonest to admit that?

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger The best I've read said...

I'm a Muslim and i admit that most Muslims now do not follow their sacred book "Koran" because when they used to, they were the dominant and peace was spread in the whole world. We are instructed by our messenger to never kill a woman or a child in a war, never cut any trees, never attack men during their meditations in sacred spaces. We aren't allowed to insult any religion or belief, no matter how weird it is.

Allah create us, so we have to be His servants. What's wrong with that ?? Being His servants is the only way for our freedom because He is our creator and he knows what is the best for us.

I'm surprised from those who don't believe in any religion at all. Have you never thought about where do u come from ?? Who are who ? how were you created ?? ... thousands of questions that don't have answers outside religion ... if you are saying that if there was God, why there are violence, wars, illness, hatred ... etc. Well, that's LIFE !! It's NOT heaven here.

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mate, you really must be a speacial kind of american pig, I sick to death of you americans thinking yourselves to good for the rest of the world. the greatest country my arse. the poor arabs cannot help being born into iraq and afghanistan. you scum this page is revolting.

3:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the guy insulting allah-
you are f*@ing retarted
God, Allah and YHWH are the same god of the abrahamic religons; Christianity, Islam and Judaism... so you obviously don't know your shit...

3:24 AM  

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