Monday, April 09, 2007

I-Man Outrage

Imus made an insensitive comment?...unbelievable!

obviously, these idiots hammering the I-crew have never listened to his show before...this show lampoons everybody...fat people, bald people, ugly people, dumb people, people of every color, religion, size and shape

they lambast sharpton on a regular basis - little wonder big al is calling for their heads

in today's hyper politically correct world, one true grade of having overcome an ethnic stereotype is being able to have people poke fun at you...aren't we beyond the over sensitivity of silencing national lampoon type humor?

besides, those rutger's girls are some pretty ugly women, from their coach on down!...have you LOOKED at them?

it's hard to find any pictures of them on the web, that's how ugly they are

people need to get a life and understand humor and satire


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