Friday, February 29, 2008

it's really all on bill, isn't it?

hillary would not be in the discussion without bill...hillary would not be known without bill...let's say hillary divorced bill - how soon before her numbers hit a big fat ZERO?

so, it's not about hillary - it NEVER HAS BEEN about hillary - it's all about bill...and as the next "super tuesday" approaches, the real question is:


in spite of all this crap about "hillary's campaign is putting the reins on bill" and what not, if hillary ultimately wins, it's because of bill...if hillary ultimately fails, it's because of's not a vote on hillary, it's a vote on bill

one other funny thing to consider in passing...if hillary/bill ultimately steal this election, and hillary get 8 years, that would put chelsea at age 36, old enough to run for president

so if America wants 8 more years of bill, we could have ANOTHER 8 more years after that!



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