Sunday, December 16, 2007

2000/2004 redux

2000 - Bush vs. algore

2004 - Bush vs. kerry

2008 - ?

is there really anyone exciting to vote for?...have any of us really felt enthusiastic about voting since 1980?

I might be able to get excited about Buchanan or Gingrich (and that really is "might"), but neither of them would have any chance of getting the nomination

election malaise

I often feel it doesn't really make much difference who is in the oval office...just a general feeling that Bush has probably kept our taxes lower than kerry or algore would have...Bush probably has kept America less welcoming to illegal aliens than a democrat would have...I'm fairly certain Bush responded better to the terrorist threat than any liberal would have...and Bush definitely kept us from giving in to the environmental whackos better than algore and his ilk

President Bush - probably better than some democrat that to be his legacy?

isn't is strange that Republicans can't seem to find a candidate that the base can get excited about? (not that the democrats are doing any better)

Romney is starting to seem more and more like a typical Rockefeller/northeastern Republican...McCain has so much anti-conservative baggage that I can't believe he is still in the picture...Rudy (see Romney comments)...huckabee? - he's from hope, arkansas - what else do you need to know?...and Fred just doesn't seem to care

it's all just very disappointing at this point, isn't it?


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