Sunday, February 22, 2009

economic malaise

isn't it interesting how you can find a well respected economist to subscribe to almost any position you like?...obama has his team supporting his efforts...Bush had his experts...Clinton, Poppa Bush, Reagan, all had their armies of great financial minds, and all so different on how to handle the reigns of the U.S. econonmy

obama is coming out with his new budget as I write this...not much surprise in that he plans to tax the rich and tax businesses

why can't these guys see a benefit in eliminating the capital gains tax?...what's the downside of getting rid of this tax that punishes entrepreneurs and others willing to invest in developing America's businesses? the capital gains, and watch the American economy skyrocket once again

but it won't happen under this administration and this congress...the democrats seem to have their act together much better than the Republicans did when they were in the same situation 8 years ago...the Republicans looked totally disorganized and splintered without far, the democrats look to remake America in their liberal image


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