Sunday, August 23, 2009

give hawaii-i-i-i-i-i back to the natives

the natives are restless!!!...they are cutting their star out of our Flag, after 50 years as a state

I detected a real dislike of foreigners last time I was in hawaii several years back...saw a LOT of hawaiin flags, and very few (none?) U.S. Flags

almost got into a shouting match with a "native" at the car rental company when I was just trying to return my rental car - not much of what used to be called the "aloha spirit"

seems like every island and other word now has to have an extra "i"/"eee" sound at the end of it

so if these stupid natives want their little island back - LET THEM HAVE IT!

go back to living in grass huts and killing wild boar and roasting them in those stupid pits all lit by tiki torches

and forget about all those U.S. dollars coming your way and, probably even more, all those Japanese tourist dollars

God I hate ungrateful people...let em go back to their grass skirts and see how long they last on their own!

it USED TO be such a nice place to go


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